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IoT solutions for industry

Israel’s DATA TECH is a major solutions provider for IoT and control, specializing in software development and in providing total solutions for integrators and strategic customers
The company provides communication solutions from Cisco, Fujitsu as well as end equipment (sensitive sensors, electricity and water meters), connection to the Big Data world while managing information through platforms (DT PaaS Data Tech - Platform as a Service)

(Data Tech - Platform as a Service)
White label. No coding Enterprise PaaS

Data Tech introduces an innovative platform that stores information gathered from
operating systems and various sensors and processes the data in real time to facilitate intelligent decisions based defined procedures and plans during normal course
of business and during emergencies.
DT PaaS platform is ideal for small and large customers– from control systems for industrial buildings and smart cities to control, security and electrical systems
for smart offices and private homes.

The DT PaaS platform supports decentralized architecture and an almost unlimited number of sensors (various types and manufacturers), that facilitate real-time management of events, retroactive analysis of events and drawing of conclusions.

The platform receives textual and visual information (high quality images, video, audio, information from sensors) processes the information in the relevant internal and external organizational systems and provides a response.The platforms also allow for every level of user to monitor, record, activate processes and control
in a defined space based on authorization.

Data Tech adopts technology and innovation to create a smart environment that is energy efficient. What is a smart environment? Today’s advanced technologies facilitate the development and implementation of processes, systems and solutions on behalf of areas of activity relevant to our lives – transportation, water, electricity, energy, environmental protection, sanitation, education, security, and any other area
that affects our lives in the municipal arena.

Smart Environment – “Technology in the Service of the User”
* A smart environment is characterized by the provision of quality service to its users
* Is able to leverage available information in the environment to optimally maximize resources
* Facilitates correct intelligent decision-making based on facts and trends
* Predicts and solves problems during emergencies and during normal course of business
* Enhances ability to cope with unusual events(security, climate, plagues or natural disasters)

A smart environment facilitated by a control and command center that is connected to a variety of systems and sensors located in the space, and that relays information in real time to the operating systems and mechanisms in the organization

Examples of our system screens

Examples of our
system screens

דש בורד (לוח תצוגה לניהול בקרה)
מאפשר לקבל סטאטוס ההתראות
בזמן אמת בחדר בקרה
שילוב של יכולת וידאו ואנליטיקה
מעקב אחר אירועים ומניעת התפתחות
של אירועים בעייתיים
דוחות צריכת חשמל והתייעלות אנרגטית
הוזלה של כ-70% בחשבונות חשמל
דוחות והתראות למצבי המתקן המבוקר
בית חולים, בניין משרדים,
בית ספר ועוד...
מערכת בקרה עירונית
מאפשרת שימוש במערכות ניהול קיימות ושילובן למערכת קבלת החלטות אחת
המערכת היחידה מותקנת במספר רשויות מוניציפאליות ברחבי הארץ (עפולה, הרצליה ובית חשמונאי)

Dash Board (display panel for control management)

Shows alert status In real time
in the control room

Integration of video and analytical abilities

Monitors events and prevents
development of problematic events

Electricity consumption reports
and energy efficiency

Approximately 70% reduction in electric bills

Reports and alerts to the
status of the audited facility

Hospitals, office buildings, school, etc...

Municipal Control System

Enables use of the existing management system send their integration into one
decision-making systemThe only system installed in several municipal authorities
across Israel (Afula, Herzliya and Beit Hashmonai)